Salsa 16oz. Jar: $6.50

All four salsas are unbelievably delicious and ALL NATURAL.  Pick it the way you like it: warm, medium, hot, or wicked hot! 

Choose the Heat!

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BRUSH-FIRE, our most mild - this wonderful taste, considered by many to be the best salsa they've ever tasted.  The name isn't cold stove or anything similar, it is Brush-Fire, a little fire.  Certainly tolerable by most everyone, but it does include some peppers in the recipe.

FOREST-FIRE, the medium - to which we have added just the right amount of Habanero peppers to give it a very pleasant "kick", while being sure to preserve the special taste off the original.

WILD-FIRE, Hot - A touch more of our award wining Heat!!

RAGING WILD-FIRE, the wicked HOT one - this is one for those people, you know who we mean, those that can't find anything they consider too hot.  What blows there mind is we can give the heat, but not loose the Flavor!!!