Gourmet Chef's Jellies 12 Sided 10oz. Jar: $7.50

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We don't make the usual fruit jams and jellies like strawberry, but, rather those that can be described as chefs jellies or gourmet jellies.  All of our selections make indescribably delicious glazes for meats, fish, and vegetables.  Additionally, they make very popular hors d'ouevres when spread over a brick of cream cheese and served with plain crackers.   These are all old family recipes, handed down for generations.  CHIPOTLE PEPPER JELLY - The most popular, with a very special "zing" derived from the Chipotle pepper.  SWEET PEPPER JELLY -  A traditional pepper jelly, made with sweet red peppers.  ROASTED GARLIC JELLY -  Great over cream cheese served with crackers.  Awesome over pork tenderloin, or use on bagels.