FIRE ROASTED GARLIC MUSTARD - When garlic is roasted it changes in taste.  We blend the roasted garlic with our popular European style coarse ground mustard.  The result: perfection.

HORSERADISH MUSTARD - The horseradish is freshly ground just minutes before it is blended with our delightful coarse ground mustard.  Truly fantastic.

FOREST FIRE MUSTARD - This one is really unique.  We start with the above, our popular horseradish mustard, blend in a habanero pepper mash, then add just the right amount of natural hickory smoke.  A little spicy, a little smoky, very delicious.

MAPLE SYRUP MUSTARD - Here's a very special treat that is pure-bred Vermont.  We've blended a smooth and creamy textured gourmet Dijon mustard with pure Vermont Maple Syrup - 25%.  We say, "If you like honey mustard, you will love maple mustard."

JALAPENO HONEY MUSTARD - A big, big seller.  Starting with our honey mustard, we add enough jalapeno peppers to give this mustard the perfect glow in your mouth.  Give it a try.

THAI HOT MUSTARD - Creamy Poupon with Thai chili peppers.  Great on all your sandwiches - smooth texture with a zing - WOW!